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ATS EMI Automatic Transfer Switch 3000A 208Y/120V 3Ph 4W Nema 1 R&G

Electric Mechanical Industries ATS Automatic Transfer Switch; 3000 amps, 208Y/120 volt, three phase, four-wire. Model# ZG1SA30031-04E502X, serial# 1531392, type 1 enclosure, NEMA 1 indoor rated. Reconditioned & guaranteed with a one-year warranty.
SKU: Model # ZG1SA30031-04E502X
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Used and Refurbished Transfer Switches

Looking for durable and dependable Automatic Transfer Switches? EMSCO specializes in delivering high-quality reconditioned and surplus Automatic Transfer Switches. We stock well-known brands like Cutler-Hammer, GE, ITE, and Square D. And we’ve been doing it for over 75 years.

We also stock refurbished, surplus and used Panelboard Switches, Pressure Contact Switches, and Safety Switches.

Ask about our selection of Automatic Transfer Switches, which include Open Transition ATS Switches, Programmed Transition Switches, Closed Transition ATS, Soft Loading Transfer Switches, and Bypass Isolation ATS Switches.

With thousands of Automatic Transfer Switches in stock, we offer a comprehensive selection to meet your specific needs.

We rigorously test all our remanufactured, refurbished and surplus Automatic Transfer Switches to see they meet industry quality and reliability standards. You’ll gain confidence knowing your purchase comes with a 1-year guarantee. Our experienced specialists can help you select the best solution for your specific power switching and distribution needs.

Plus, knowing the high cost of downtime, EMSCO executes to help make sure your order arrives on time. Whether you need a single component or an entire switchgear lineup, our vast inventory and expertise are available to you.

What Type of Transfer Switch Do You Need?

Open Transition ATS – You might choose this switch when uninterrupted power is not critical, and safety during the transition is a priority. This switch type is right for systems that tolerate a brief power interruption during the switch between utility and local backup power.

Programmed Transition Switch – This switch makes sense when minimizing residual voltage is needed for the safe restoration of power. This switch type allows residual voltage in circuits to decay before the power is restored, preventing damage and supporting a smooth transition between utility and generator power.

Closed Transition ATS – You might select this switch when even a momentary power interruption is unacceptable. Ideal for applications where continuous power is critical, this automatic transfer switch allows both power sources to be on simultaneously, supporting a seamless switchover without reducing safety standards.

Soft Loading Transfer Switch – We recommend this switch when flexibility in handling variable loads is essential. Like the closed transition ATS but with more ability to adjust load handling, this switch is for operations that require adaptable backup power solutions, at an additional cost.

Bypass Isolation ATS – This is a good choice when you need a high level of capability and engineering. Designed for critical applications such as life support systems, telecommunications, and air traffic control stations. The Bypass Isolation ATS system allows inspection, maintenance, and testing while in operation. This ATS gives uninterrupted power in the most sensitive electrical environments.

Need More Help?

We understand your electrical situation can be complex and sensitive. So you also need a degree of security, Laws and standards that regulate the usage of these devices are forever evolving. Standby power systems can be complicated, especially when linked in tandem with grid power.

That’s where we can help. EMSCO offers automatic transfer switches designed to transfer electrical loads between your utility power and generator power sources. Give us a call at 1-800-328-1842 or chat online.