We buy and sell used and refurbished electrical equipment

What we buy

EMSCO has a spacious warehouse

Over 250,000 square foot warehouse

EMSCO provides responsive support for all of your questions

24-hour hotline for emergencies and support

EMSCO provides speedy delivery

Quick delivery! UPS next day air shipping available.

One of the largest used and refurbished electrical equipment dealers in the U.S.

Our 250,000 square foot warehouse in Minneapolis, MN is home to thousands of transformers, breakers, switches and more, plus over 25 miles of bus way.

The Electric Motor Company (EMSCO) stocks electrical components you can't find anywhere else. If we don't have what you're looking for, our expert staff can find it for you.

Reclaimed and obsolete electrical components are our specialty.

At EMSCO, we evaluate used equipment, refurbish items, and work hard to execute quick, reliable delivery to our customers. We take quality control seriously and stand by our products.

Our staff is smart, happy, and eager to help you save money and avoid a headache with your project.

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EMSCO carries Allis-Chalmers parts
EMSCO carries ASEA Brown Boveri parts
EMSCO carries Furnas parts
EMSCO carries Federal Pacific Equipment parts
EMSCO carries Cutler Hammer parts
EMSCO carries Hammond Manufacturing parts