The Electric Service Company

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2000/2666KVA 12470-480Y/277V 3ph The Electric Service Co. Dry Type Transformer #203

The Electric Service Co 2000/2666KVA (AA/FA) H.V. 12470V BIL 95KV L.V. 480/277V BIL 10KV 3ph 60hz 5.6% Impedence @ 135°C 220°C Insulation Rise Copper Winding Taps: 13094 88.2A (AA) 117.6A (FA) 12782 90.3A (AA) 120.4A (FA) 12470 92.6A (AA) 123.5A (FA) 12158 95.0A (AA) 126.6A (FA) 11847 97.5A (AA) 129.9A (FA) Ser# 65445 NEMA 3R Enclosure 90"H x 84"W x 54"D 12500lbs Reconditioned with 1 Year Warranty
SKU: MVDT #203