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Electro-Mechanical Industries 3000A 480Y/277V 3Ph 4W Boltswitch VLB3412 Fusible Main R&G

Electro-Mechanical Industries; 3000 amp, 480/277 volt, three phase, four wire. Boltswitch cat # VLB3412 bolted pressure contact switch single section. Reconditioned & guaranteed with a one year warranty.
SKU: M252
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ATS EMI Automatic Transfer Switch 3000A 208Y/120V 3Ph 4W Nema 1 R&G

Electric Mechanical Industries ATS Automatic Transfer Switch; 3000 amps, 208Y/120 volt, three phase, four-wire. Model# ZG1SA30031-04E502X, serial# 1531392, type 1 enclosure, NEMA 1 indoor rated. Reconditioned & guaranteed with a one-year warranty.
SKU: Model # ZG1SA30031-04E502X
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Electro-Mechanical Industries Switchboard 4000 Amp Main Lug Only 208Y/120 Volt NEMA 1 R&G

Electro-Mechanical Industries Switchboard; 4000 amp main lug only, 208Y/120 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire, NEMA 1 indoor. With (2) 1600 amp distribution breakers with arc flash reduction. Reconditioned & guaranteed with a one-year warranty
SKU: M559
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EMI Switchboard Fusible Main VLB349 1600A 480Y/277 Volt AC NEMA 3R R&G

Electro-Mechanical Industries Switchboard: fusible main, boltswitch bolted pressure switch cat# VLB349, 1600 amp, 480Y/277 volt AC, three phase, four wire, NEMA 3R outdoor. Reconditioned and guaranteed with a one year warranty.
SKU: M597
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