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LKS8 ITE/BBC 800A 600V MO/DO Fused Air Circuit Breaker LSIG

ITE/BBC LKS8 AC low voltage integrally fused power circuit breaker; 800 amp frame. Manually operated, draw-out, #lss4 solid state trip device with LSIG functions. Used electrically OK.
SKU: LKD8 EMSCO #20883

BBC/ ITE 1000/1333 KVA 12470-216Y/125V Medium Voltage Dry Type Transformer R&G

BBC / ITE Medium Voltage Dry Type Transformer: 1000 KVA (AA), 1333 KVA (FA), High Voltage: 12470 Volt, Low Voltage: 216Y/125 Volt, 3 Phase, 60hz, NEMA 1 indoor. Reconditioned with 1 Year Warranty.

K-DON 1600S ITE/BBC 1600A 600V EO/ST Air Breaker LSI

ITE/BBC K-Don 1600S Fused Power Circuit Breaker; 1600 amp, 600 volt. Electrically-operated, Stationary, Digitrip 510: L-S-I functions. Used Electrically OK.
SKU: K-DON1600S EMSCO#20950