Square D QED Power Style Switchboard 4000A 480Y/277V 3Ph 4w NEMA 1 Stand Alone Main Breaker LIG Used E-OK

Product description:

Square D QED Power Style Switchboard; 4000 amp, 480Y/277 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire, NEMA 1. Stand alone 4000 amp main breaker with rating plug cat # RP100 with LIG functions. Used electrically OK.

Stand Alone Main Breaker

  • Cat# SEF364000LIGA4Z
  • 4000 Amp Frame Main Breaker
  • 100% Rating plug (RP100)
  • Micrologic Trip Unit
  • LIG Functions
  • Ground Faults
  • Trip Indicator

 NEMA-1 Enclosure


  • 48"W
  • 52"D
  • 91"H

Sold used Electrically Okay

(M-342 Loc: Pillar 107/117)


  • Main Type: Circuit Breaker
SKU: M-342
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