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GE Specta Series 1600A 3ph 480/277V Main Breaker Panel TP2020TTR Bolt-on Hardware W/ LSIG NEMA 3R Used E-Ok

Product description:

General Electric Spectra Series; 1600 amp, 3 phase, 480/277 volt. Main breaker panel TP2020TTR bolt-on hardware with LSIG functions, 2000 amp frame, Nema 3R Outdoor. Used electrically OK.

Three (3) Sections: From Left to Right

  • Pull Section
  • Main Breaker
  • Distribution Section

NEMA 3R (Outdoor) Enclosure Type

Metering/Pull Section

  • 1600 Supply Amps

Main Breaker Section

  • GE Power Break
  • Cat # TP2020TTR
  • 2000 Amp Frame
  • 1600 Amp Rating Plug (#TR20B1600)
  • Micro Versa Trip Plus Trip Unit (Cat # C220LSIG)
  • W/ LSIG Functions
  • Ground Fault

APN-B Bolt-On Mounting Hardware

With GE Spectra Series Distribution Breakers


  • 110" Wide (40"W Pull/Metering Section + 30"W Main + 40"W Distribution
  • 97" High
  • 40.5" Deep

Sold Used Electrically Okay

Ships Freight Collect or Prepaid

(M-297  Loc: Pillar 157 / 3R Wall)

SKU: M-297