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Cutler-Hammer FDPW Panelboard Switches

June 3rd, 2016 by


Our newest addition to our expansive inventory are several Cutler-Hammer FDPW panelboard switches. We have received 8 FDPW365J and 7 FDPW336J fusible panelbaord switches. Detailed specs below:



  • 400 amp
  • 600 volts
  • Reconditioned
  • 8 in-stock



  • 600 amps
  • 600 volts
  • Reconditioned
  • 7 in-stock

If you are interested in either of these panelboard switches, or any of the hundreds of other in-stock models from all manufacturers, click the links above to be taken to our website to order online or simply give us a call to speak to a salesperson (1-800-328-1842) who will  be happy to assist you.

Square D SED Breakers

May 25th, 2016 by

In stock and ready to ship! We have the largest inventory of Square D SED circuit breakers. Our inventory of SED breakers ranges from 1600 amp to 4000 amp and includes a mix of used, E-OK, new surplus and reconditioned breakers. Each breaker is ready to be shipped same-day, so if you’re in need our quick turnaround has you covered!

Our inventory is constantly changing so if you do not see the exact model you need, please give us a call (1-800-328-1842) to speak to a salesman as there is a good chance we still have one in-stock and ready for shipment.


Square D Masterpact Breakers

March 17th, 2016 by

Today’s featured products are just into our warehouse and ready for shipment. We have a series of Square D Master Pact breakers. We’ll cover each breaker’s invidiual specs and images in detail below.

Square D Masterpact MP30H1:

  • LSIG Functions
  • Surplus take out breakers
  • STR58U trip unit with LSIG functions
  • 19 available




Square D Masterpact NW16H with LSI Functions

  • Electrically operated
  • Micrologic 5.0 Trip Unit with LSI Functions – Type ELS (130)
  • 4-pole breaker Great for Generator applications
  • Surplus Take Out Breakers
  • 3 available



Square D Masterpact NW16H with LSIG Functions

  • Electrically operated
  • Micrologic 6.0A Trip Unit w/LSIG Functions – Type ELA (140)
  • 4-pole breaker Great for Generator applications
  • Surplus take out breakers
  • 3 available

For more specs and pricing, click the links above or give us a call today (1-800-328-1842) to speak to a salesman.

Square D Iso-Flex Medium Voltage Controller

October 14th, 2015 by

At EMSCO we’re constantly adding to our inventory to best serve your needs no matter what used, refurbished, or obsolete direct replacement electrical equipment you need. Among our recent additions we have this Square D Iso-Flex model 4 class E2 medium voltage controller linup. This NEMA 3R outdoor lineup includes one 720 amp SJA50VW830 model C main contactor and four SL50W430 contactors.The entire lineup is available for $80,000.00.

For full specs, please visit our website or give our sales team a call today (1-800-328-1842)!

Siemens High Interrupting 4000 amp Encased Breaker

September 17th, 2015 by

Just added to our inventory, we have this SBH 4000 Siemens high interrupting encased breaker. Detailed specs are as follows:

  • Cat.# SBH4040
  • 4000 Amp
  • Trip Unit Cat.# SB40TLSIG
  • w/ LSIG Functions
  • 4000 Amp Rating PluG
  • 600 VAC
  • Manually Operated
  • Draw-Out

If you are interested in this breaker, please click the link above or give us a call at 1-800-328-1842 to speak to our sales department.

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