Medium Voltage Transformers

1500KVA 13200-480Y/277V FPE Dry Type Transformer #278

Product description:

Federal Pacific Dry Type Transformer 1500KVA Primary: 13200 Delta Secondary: 480Y/277V 3ph 60hz Primary BIL: 60KV Secondary BIL: 10KV Sec: Amps: 1804 Primary/Secondary Cond: Al Ser# 56486 5.73% Impedance Taps & Amps: 13875V 62.4A 13542V 64.0A 13200V 65.6A 12877V 67.3A 12545V 69.0A NEMA 1 Enclosure 90"H x 54"W x 90"D (Transformer Coils Perpendicular to Nameplate Side HV is on Left hand side, LV is on Right Hand Side) Reconditioned with 1 Year Warranty


  • KVA: 1500
  • Primary Voltage: 13200
  • Secondary Voltage: 480Y/277V
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Condition: Refurbished
SKU: MVDT #278